A Runners Dream.

Curated to give you the right type of song exactly when you need it.

Matching your footfalls perfectly.

We’ve spent months planning and creating the makeup of each mix designed to follow our breakthrough formula.

The running mixes are open format, which means they will take you on a journey through a span of genres and continuously surprise you. Every song has been scanned for key, pace, beat, and a number of other criteria to ensure it is the perfect song for running.

Our secret is the layout of the mix and driving beats. Strategically organized to get you to your peak.



Hear popular songs you know and love to help get you to your first mile effortlessly. You might even add some dance moves to your trot.



DJ drops in those hard hitting tracks that push you to your max and make you feel determined to reach a new goal.



Transition into more fun, upbeat music at the the runner's high mark. Enjoy awesome throwbacks and awe-inspiring remixes you've never heard before.



Feel a sense of euphoria over the fact that you’ve kept your pace for so long and have had such an enjoyable time running. Transition into something with a good flow and continuous beat for focus.

And just like that...

You've hit a new milestone.