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Featured - Party - EDM


About Treblemonsters /The Musician Booking Agency: With our exclusive musician network and market reach, we provide a roster of talented DJs and instrumental artists for events nationwide. Our robust partnerships allow us to pool talent from record labels, radio stations, booking agents and other exclusive avenues. No matter the venue, location, budget, or time frame, we will secure talented musicians so you can focus on making your event a success. The agency was founded by Kice Akkawi, a Chicago native DJ who quickly realized the need for a service like Treblemonsters. After his career performing for over a decade, Kice sought to bridge the gap between an insanely talented network of artists with the need for world-class entertainment at all events. Now a national booking agency, Treblemonsters is driven by its mission to supply event-transforming entertainment and is dedicated to providing only the highest quality talent to those looking to make their event memorable. We also seek to provide our roster of musicians great opportunities for exposure and the best-fit gigs so everyone has a great time.

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