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Featured - Top 40 - Pop


Travis Gordon aka Travisty is a DJ/Remixer/Producer based out of Louisville Kentucky. Travisty's open format style has entertained thousands with his unique ability to blend all types of music from Top 40 and Hip-Hop to EDM and Country. Travisty has performed in major venues and markets including Nashville, Louisville, Columbus, Lexington, and South Padre Island Texas for Spring Break to name a few. He recently began providing Country, EDM, and Top 40 mixes for the International Company Fit Radio where he has over 150K plays and rising. Travisty also established a weekly residency at PBR Louisville where he mixes a unique blend of Country, Mashups, Top 40, and Rock N' Roll. In the meantime, Travisty keeps a room full of party rockers, spenders, and ragers simultaneously moving to his soundtrack without skipping a beat. He is continuously ascending himself to new heights and working hard to establish himself nationally as a recognized DJ/ Producer.

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