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DJ Prievo

DJ Prievo

Top 40 - Pop - Party


Hailing from that BIG State of New York from a small town called Carthage, DJ Prievo kicked off his DJin’ career in 2005 at his best friends high school graduation party. Not knowing what he was in for with his collection of over 400 scratched CDs, used mobile DJin’ equipment and lights, a microphone, and a mixer full of buttons to mess around with, he decided to take the letters D and J and put it before his last name. Since then, Prievo made his way through College at a Community College in Syracuse, NY then moved to College Park, Maryland to work on his bachelors at the University of Maryland University College. He quickly made moves into the streets of College Park and spilled into the nightlife in Washington DC as well. DJ Prievo quickly began working with local DJs and started making a name for himself in the D.M.V. (District/Maryland/Virginia) while also holding down his hometown in New York by keeping a weekly syndicated radio mixshow on The Border 106.7 FM, covering not only all of New York north of Syracuse, but well north into Kingston, Ontario of Canada. Never settling for one genre, Prievo loves all sorts of music ranging from Pop to Rock and Country to Electronic. There’s no mistaking he grew up musically inclined and in high school was voted ‘Best Dancer’ [in which he laughs about] before the fist pumping days took over. “I’m just here to have fun. If you are smiling, throwing back a drink and a laugh with your friends and family, and I drop that one song that makes you go ‘Oh!!’ I hope you remember the name. If not, more importantly, I hope you don’t forget that night.” Very humble he also said, “I look up to so many people [in this industry]…when someone tells me they appreciate me or look up to me, it’s weird, I’m just a guy playing music, moving and pushing some buttons making you think it’s very complicated.” [He laughs] “That’s the easy part, is the actual ‘djing’. …But really, it does make me feel great, it’s about loving what I do and being able to wake up everyday being with music, that’s the best part, my life revolves around music, you can’t beat that.”

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