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Listen everywhere

FIT Radio Workout Music is available on Web, Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices with wifi or cellular data capabilities.

Just create one account and login on any compatible device wherever you go!

Magic of the mix

Instead of a single song, you will get an entire mix that is professionally designed to keep you motivated.

We select only the most upbeat tracks and have the ability to manipulate music, so kiss those long, lagging intros and outros goodbye and get moving!

Just push play and go

Downloading and arranging music is time-consuming... and harder than it looks.

Let the professionals at FIT Radio do the work for you. Just push play and go.

Life of the party

Bring the party with you everywhere you go! FIT Radio is powered by real, professional nightclub DJs from around the world - available to you at the press of a button.

And the best part, you don't have to buy these pocket DJs a drink.